Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Worst. Bosses. Ever.

By Dennis McCafferty on 2010-09-28

J. Edgar Hoover
FBI's first director fired people freely, losing key personnel. Pursued personal agendas, inspired 10-year limit on director's reign.

Marge Schott
The Cincinnati Reds owner was so notoriously cheap that she didn't want to hire scouts; her overt racism earned a ban from Major League Baseball.

Henry Clay Frick
Industrialist behind U.S. Steel oversaw brutal strike response that killed nine workers; famously dubbed "America's most hated man."

Stonewall Jackson
Legendary general, but notorious for keeping battle plans from key subordinates, who hated being out of the loop.

Ken Lay
Lack of oversight led to Enron's dramatic demise; sold much of his company stock while urging employees to buy it up.

Roger Smith
Beyond "Roger and Me" notoriety, his decisions helped GM lose big chunks of market share; $7 billion GM10 program saw $2,000 loss on every car produced.

Warren Harding
His administration was among the most corrupt and scandal-charged in U.S. history; routinely ranked at or near the bottom of US Presidents.

John Patterson
NCR founder toyed with subordinates, careers, egos; health obsessed, had employees weighed and measured and fired some for poor horsemanship.

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