Thursday, September 30, 2010

Generation Gap Yawns in Recessionary Workplace

By Brian P. Watson on 2010-08-24

Baby Boomers have responded differently from other generational cohorts to the recession-era work environment. While doing more with less has become a management mantra during the Great Recession, not all age-groups have reacted to this new imperative in the same way. Generation X and Generation Y are more prone to working to improve their own reputations with their employers by working harder and working longer, while Boomers – many of them wanting to begin winding down their careers — seem more stubborn in the face of change. A new study from IT staffing firm Robert Half Technology uncovers what each of these generations are doing at work in response to the Great Recession. The majority are taking action — trying to build more skills and their tenure within their company — while many others are holding firm, and a brazen few are actually working less. The study, titled “Workplace Redefined: Shifting Generational Attitudes During Economic Change,” records responses from more than 1,450 North American workers, including 502 hiring managers.

Your Response to the Great Recession?
Enhance My Skill Set
Generation Y: 35%
Generation X: 38%
Baby Boomers: 28%

Build Tenure With My Company
Generation Y: 29%
Generation X: 33%
Baby Boomers: 31%

Look For New Job Opportunities
Generation Y: 36%
Generation X: 30%
Baby Boomers: 24%

Strive For a Promotion
Generation Y: 31%
Generation X: 24%
Baby Boomers: 17%

Work More Hours
Generation Y: 25%
Generation X: 25%
Baby Boomers: 16%

Go Back to School
Generation Y: 20%
Generation X: 19%
Baby Boomers: 10%

Make a Career Change
Generation Y: 20%
Generation X: 15%
Baby Boomers: 12%

Work Fewer Hours
Generation Y: 4%
Generation X: 4%
Baby Boomers: 6%

Will Not Make Any Changes
Generation Y: 16%
Generation X: 21%
Baby Boomers: 29%

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